Surgery 3/16-Pain

on 3/20/10 4:46 am
 Anyone have surgery then?

Kimberly P.
on 3/20/10 4:47 am - Fort Lewis, WA
RNY on 03/15/10 with
 I did on 3/15
Hoping for the best,

on 3/20/10 9:28 am - Colts Neck, NJ
I had it on 3/16

on 3/20/10 12:17 pm are you both doing?
on 3/20/10 11:48 pm
I had it on 3-16 and still am a little sore. No pain meds during the day, and just a tad bit to help me sleep. My incisions seem to be sore at night. I have been walking around the house and front porch, but no walking distances. I don't think I could walk amile even if i tried being soley on liquids. I feel a little lightheaded as if I am not getting enough nutrients. I am taking my vitamins and need to write down exactly how many fluids i am drinking , in order to get atleast 48 oz in.  The only way to do that is to set an alarm that goes off every 15 minutes. My back is sore but have been doing my breathing exercises. The biggest things is being only on liquids, I need a better variety. Broth, tea, jello, ice pops, and water or flavored die****er is become a little boring. cant wait till monday to see the surgeon to be advnced to purees....

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on 3/21/10 2:31 am - New Haven, CT
 I had the surgery on 3/16/10. I am still in pain it hurt. I had the VBG all you can eat is liquid for three weeks. I was weighting 296 and now I am down to 277. It had been five days since the surgery.
on 3/21/10 2:46 am - Colts Neck, NJ
I am pretty much the same as CHYNALYZ.  I feel pretty good during the day then at night my tummy is pretty tender.  So that's when I take my pain meds.  I have been walking like crazy because I feel like I still have gas issues from time to time.  I walk around my neighborhood.  I also took my kids to the beach today and walked the beach while they played.  So I am feeling good enough to get out there and walk around.  As far as my liquids go.  I know that I need to work on them more.  I have been on a liquid diet for the past 3 weeks so I guess I am used to it.  I just have to remember to always sip!!   There has been a few times that I took a gulp and I could tell that I had done something wrong!  lol

How are you doing Lisa? 

on 3/22/10 12:07 pm - Cedar Springs, MI
I had surgery on 3/15.  I still have slight pain - the worst pain was Thursday and Friday.  I called the surgeon's office and they added an additional pain med to take alternately with the lortab.  I've been able to get in all my protein and water. I've also been able to get in at least 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I have found the more I walk the better I feel.  I am getting incredibly bored with only liquids and are very much looking forward to puree when I can make my own food with my choice of flavors.  One night I actually dreamt that I had pizza.  I can't say I've been hungry though - just bored with my food.  I hope you are healing well.

on 3/24/10 12:35 pm - Newark, DE
I had surgery on 3/15 and last took pain med the morning of the 17th. Besides not being able to stand the taste, I haven't felt the need for them. I've been getting in my proteins, fluids and the gas pain is finally starting to go away. My belly is itching but I know it just means it's healing. I've been getting extremely hungry, and am thinking I need a fill already. I'm ok in the am, but by evening and night, my stomach is growling, and gurgling. I've had a little more than just liquids to help subside this till I see the dr tomorrow, but nothing I think would be real damaging. (cottage cheese, small amount of meat sauce, potato soup, small amounts of apple sauce) Now that I think of it, I probably should have made an appt to see him last week when I started to feel so ravenous. I had a hernia repair as well when I had my Lap Band done.
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