Just got my date 3/31/10 !!!!

on 3/19/10 5:21 am
I am so amped. I just got my surgery date !!!!
on 3/20/10 9:58 am - Colts Neck, NJ

It will be here before you know it!!!!

on 3/22/10 2:20 pm - Redmond, WA
Congratulations!  Mine is 30Mar...I am so excited but nervous too
on 3/25/10 1:35 pm - Greencastle, PA
Good luck to all of you! You will do great!! I had my REALIZE band placed 2.3 weeks ago and have lost 21 pounds!! My sister's surgery is the 30th and she is also getting the REALIZE band!! Keep her in your thoughts as well because she is nervous too! Her name is Cynthia1968.

See you all on the Loser's Bench soon!!

Everything happens for a reason so, I am taking it a step at a time. I can do it!      
on 3/31/10 11:37 am
Well Tomorrow's the big day How are you feeling? Congratulations!!
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