Approval Today..YEAH!!

on 3/22/10 9:55 am
I received my approval today and I'm waiting to get a surgery date for RNY.  My question is about recovery time.  I know everyone is different but I'll have only about a week of vacation time to use post op and I hope that's all that I'll need...can't afford to be off any longer.  Any thoughts? 
on 3/23/10 10:53 am
I'm hoping to really limit my time off too.  But, I'm leaving open the option of taking additional.  It probably depends most on the type of job you have -- but the nurse at the bari clinic I go to went back to work in 10 days.
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on 3/25/10 4:04 am - La Crosse, WI

Congrats on your approval

I was able to get 2 weeks off without pay. Any chance you could get some additional time off without pay if needed? I'm sure your surgeons office would provide something to your employer if neccesary.

I had two weeks off I just went back to work last thursday. I would have liked 3 weeks but I couldn't do it.


on 3/26/10 1:09 pm
The FMLA Family Medical Leave Act protects your rights to take a leave of work to take care of any medical conditions you or if you need to care for a child or a parent.
This is leave without pay but quarantees your job or equivalent when you return. This leave is without pay.
Whether you are allowed to use sick time or accrued vacation is up to your employer.
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