Had my surgery March 2nd!

on 3/22/10 12:53 pm
I've been doing really good so far!  I have lost  26lbs already!!!!!!  Even made it through a birthday party with out cheating!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!  It was really hard but I am proud of myself! Looking for people who have had surgery around same time to chat with!
on 3/24/10 3:12 am - Silver Spring, MD
Good job, Pamela.  Keep up the good work!
on 4/3/10 5:04 am

   Thank you for the encouragement!  Hope you are doing well and the weight is coming off for you too!   How are you doing as far as eating?  I am still on soft foods having trouble one day can eat something and next makes me sick! 

on 4/3/10 7:04 am - Silver Spring, MD

Weight is coming off very fast and effortlessly.  I do try to ride my stationary bike daily.  My surgeon still has me on a full liquid diet (been a month now... 2 weeks preop and 2 weeks so far post op).  In 8 days I'm allowed to eat soft foods.  So far I've had no problems, thankfully.  But I sure can't wait to start eating some real food again instead of just liquids!
(deactivated member)
on 3/24/10 3:43 am - La Crosse, WI

Hi Pamela,

I had my surgery on 3/3. So far so good. I have my 3 week followup tomorrow so I can't wait to see what the scale says. My bathroom scale at home says 22 lbs down.

Congrats on your 26lbs that is great! You should be proud!

What are you eating? I've been eating a lot of chicken, fish, cottage cheese and yogurt. I made some chix soup just so I could eat the soft carrots and celery! Hopefully tomorrow the dietian will give me the ok to add some more veggies. I am walking x2/day 20 minutes at my lunch hour and 25 minutes in the evening on my treadmill. I go around 2.9 speed and 2.5 incline.

I would be interested to hear what you've been doing. Since we are both on the same journey.

on 4/3/10 5:09 am
HI Maggie!

   How did your appointment go?  I haven't been eating a whole lot yet my stomach does good for a day or two then I get sick if I eat.   Been walking on my treadmill for at least a half hour a day.  Been eating cottage cheese and yogurt too. I even had a quarter of a veggie burger patty the other day.  Wasn't as bad as I thought it woud be.   Were the doctors scales close to what you are weighing at home?   Hopefully talk to you soon!

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on 4/3/10 8:21 am - La Crosse, WI
When you are getting sick are you eating a new or different food? 

I am loving the treadmill too! It can get a little boring but when I get bored I change it up a little by increasing the incline or jogging for 30 seconds or so.

What brand of veggie burger did you have? I used to do Boca's when I was on WW but I remeber them being a little dry. I had 4 shrimp last night they were marinated in wine and olive oil and they were delicious!

I was 20 lbs down at my 3 week. My home scale said 22. It's just a cheapy scale I have at home I am trying not to weigh myself too often. I am going to try and just weigh myself once per week. But it's hard!

I am up at my mom's house this weekend and thankfully she has a treadmill here. It's calling my name tonight after the boys are in bed!
on 3/24/10 11:19 am - Edmonton, Canada
congrats on the loss!
i had my surgery on 3/3/10 and according to my home scale i'm down 18lbs!
im eating soft/pureed food and crackers/toast.
i had severe complications (twisted bowel) that required emergency surgery on mach 4th, and due to the complications i am quite far back in my physical recovery.  this surgery left me with a g-tube in my old stomach (which i hope will be removed in 1-2 weeks)
i am currenty walking 10 minutes 1-2 times a day, a few times i have gone 20 mins when i needed to get groceries.
i am physically not allowed to really do anything, i just started driving, but im not allowed to walk too much or lift more than 10lbs.
good luck

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on 4/3/10 8:14 am - La Crosse, WI
Congrats on your 18 lbs!

Keep us posted on your recovery. Sorry to hear you had complications. From what I hear complications can occur immediately after surgery as yours did and also years after surgery. At some point it could happen to any of us.  

Sounds like you are being the model patient by all of your walking, that is so great. Keep following the dr.'s orders and I wish you a speedy recovery.
on 3/25/10 2:07 am - Scipio, IN

I also had my surgery on 3/2 and I'm down about 17 pounds.  I just started back at the gym last night, so getting back into the groove of exercise.
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