My Apologies to Lisa at Synergy Bariatrics in Buffalo Ny

on 3/29/10 2:35 am, edited 3/29/10 7:22 am - Buffalo, NY
A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Lisa at Synergy messing things up for my Lap Band procedure, that she didn't return phone calls, etc. I would like to apologize for what I said because after speaking to the office staff, it turns out she never got the messages or would have called me back. I am sorry for everything that happened and for posting it on the Internet instead of talking to her in person. The Dr and staff at Synergy are committed to weight loss and improving peoples lives, are extremely dedicated and helpful. Again, I want to apologize to Lisa and everyone there for my actions. Dr Pham is my surgeon and I am looking to my surgery and for my journy to begin.
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