surgery 03/25..trouble getting in and out of bed

on 3/28/10 2:16 am
 I had my surgery on 03/25 and came home yesterday. Lastnight was awful. Even with the help of my husband I really struggled getting in and out of bed. I was so sore but I had been drinking so much fluid that I was having to go to the bathroom every 2-3 hours. Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions? Should I just sleep in a chair? any advice is appreciated! thanks!
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on 3/30/10 3:29 am - La Crosse, WI

Maybe you need to take your pain meds? I don't think you need to suffer like that.

One thing you could try is when you are trying to get out of bed. First put your feet over the bed then slowly "walk" your upper body up with your hands. Try not to use your abdominal muscles to get up.

Hope you feel better soon.

Dana K.
on 3/30/10 5:55 am - Winchester, VA
RNY on 03/01/10 with
I had the same trouble...I don't have any advice. All I can say is, at least it doesn't last very long. Feel better.
daniela S.
on 3/31/10 5:30 pm - Albuquerque, NM
hey i had the SAME issues as to getting out of bed and making it easier this is going to sound strange but it really helped for me someone else who had surgery the same day as me told me this

Lay on your side and try and get both legs off the bed if youcant get both thats ok..
make sure you have one of your arms under you i.e.the one that you are probably laying on lift up your let thats on the top and use your strength and pull your leg down quick;y as you push up on your arm thats under you .... essentially rocking you up wards in a sitting position
on 4/3/10 7:15 am
thanks for all of the replies! getting up and down is much easier now, I think I just needed a bit more healing time in that department! Now on to the next aggrevasion..I am a tummy sleeper and this back sleeping is for the birds! :)
on 4/3/10 6:50 pm - Carrollton, TX
OH I was same way drinking lots of liquids and up/down out of bed and I had a horrible time getting out of bed and I tried the rolling on side/pulling legs to the floor first and lifting with that arm under me.  It still hurt no matter what, but it did finally pass.  My surgery was Monday 3/29.  I am finally doing much better and have been off pain meds almost 24 hours.  I am just having a hard time feeling satisfied.  I'm not really hungry, just trying to adapt to our new lifestyle and liquid diet.  I'm not having any problems getting protein down anymore so hopefully that satisfied feeling will subside,whatever it is.

Glad you are doing bettter.

on 4/4/10 2:59 pm - Indianapolis, IN
im glad i read this because ive been in so much pain!  i had my surgery on weds 3/31 and i am having a really hard time getting up and down.  ive been sleeping in a recliner.. my hubby was so nice he slept on the one next to me for support!  gotta love him.  can't wait to see the weight come off now! i want to be on the losers bench!
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