Share your protein shake recipes!

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on 3/31/10 3:09 am - La Crosse, WI

I would love to know how everyone else is making their protein shakes.

Here is what I have been doing:

-5 frozen strawberries
-3/4 cup skim milk
-vanilla protein power
-4 ice cubles
-2-3 tablespoons of plain greek yogurt
-5-6 drops of liquid stevia

Blend in the magic bullet.

on 4/4/10 10:45 pm - Stedman, NC
I make this every morning for breakfast.  My health nut aunt told me to buy Muscle Milk, it was the best tasting protein powder and comes in different flavors.  I'm going to buy it today, but right now I'm using a Soy Protein, no flavor (I would call it chalk though, blahhh).

3/4 cup milk
4 fresh strawberries (top cut off)
half of a banana
3-4 cubes of ice
1 teaspoon honey
sprinkle of cinnamon
3 scoops soy protein powder (28g protein)\

blend in the blender, and it would taste great if I had better tasting protein powder, and didn't have to put as much
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on 4/5/10 3:15 am - La Crosse, WI

I have had the pre-mixed Muscle Milk it's handy and tastes good. I like the chocolate. How about the unflavored Unjury, have you tried that? It's good with Crystal Light.

on 4/11/10 10:42 pm - Stedman, NC
I just got some Unjury and tried it this morning...its 1000% better than the soy protien powder I was using. 
Lauri D.
on 4/23/10 10:56 pm
I use muscle milk.  I have 5 ounces mixed with my UPcal calicum packet and serve it over ice.  I have two of these servings per day.  I've tried the chocolate and vanilla creme.  Much better than the powdered protein drinks.
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