Surgery Yesterday

on 3/30/10 1:21 am - Oklahoma City, OK
...and I'm ready to go home. :)

Surprisingly I'm not really in pain, just a little achy in my back and ribs. (Hopefully that won't change when I'm off the morphine.) I have a bit of discomfort in my shoulders from the gas, I'm sure. I guess the only thing I can gripe about is how weak I am. It'll pass. :)

My surgery was almost 5 hours!! Apparently I had a small hiatal hernia that had to be repaired. I had no idea. At least it was small.

I had my first ice chips about 30 minutes ago and they were like a taste of heaven. haha. I can't wait to brush my teeth and shower. If everything goes well, I'll be going home tomorrow evening. Not looking forward to the 5 hour ride home...but I think it will be okay.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and hope everyone is doing well. :)

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on 3/30/10 3:19 am - La Crosse, WI
Glad your surgery went well. Hopefully you will get to go home soon.
Dana K.
on 3/30/10 5:50 am - Winchester, VA
RNY on 03/01/10 with
Congrats girlie! No more waiting...yay! Rest up and keep us all up to date.
on 3/30/10 10:29 am
Glad to hear your surgery went well.  Welcome to the losers bench!
Danielle H.
on 3/30/10 4:44 pm - North Hollywood, CA
Congrats on your surgery.  I was just wondering if they charged you extra for the hernia repair?  What doctor did you go to?

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on 4/4/10 2:55 pm - Indianapolis, IN
i am glad your not having pain.. i think i got it for both of us!  I have been hurting so bad, its just a burning pain.... its hard to get up and walk! 
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