on 5/15/10 7:36 pm
Hi all,
I had the VSG here in Switzerland on May 5th, 2010 But I am struggling. Here the nutrietionist visited me in the hospital once. I was told I should be eating
3 meals a day of 2 T each protein, well cooked veg and carbs......I am completely failing. Since coming home from the hospital, I cannot hold down solid food at all. I have been drinking bouillon and flat Sprite. I bought some of those stomach yogurts. I am starting to think I have made a huge mistake. I really have trouble holding things down.... I am eating slowing like 2 hours for a little container for fromage blanc...I am scared and depressed.
I am keeping a food diary and will call my doctor tomorrow. I am thrilled for those who have energy...I can barely walk a flight of stairs today.
Tiring but really confused,


on 5/18/10 3:57 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
RNY on 03/17/10 with
I'm sorry that you are having a rough time.  I didn't have VSG, so I don't have any knowledge of the surgery or what is required post-op.  However after my RNY I felt pretty crappy for about the first 2 weeks, and then it slowly got better after that.   I went back to work after 3 weeks and had a really hard time getting in enough protein.  Eating was unpleasant and I didn't know what I should eat, how much, etc.  It made my stomach feel 'weird' and I never knew if I was doing something wrong.  But it did get better.  And it will for you too.

You have to remember not only to eat slowly but to really chew your food well.  I have only thrown up once when I was eating meat and ate it too quickly or didn't chew well.  I try really hard to eat slowly, but sometimes if I've taken a few too many bites too quickly, my stomach feels bloated and I just don't feel good.  But I'm learning...and it is getting way better.

I was on liquids for the first 2 weeks, pureed foods for another week after that and then soft foods for 3 weeks after that.  It is really hard to find things to eat that you are "allowed" but that time will pass and you will find that you are eating the same things you did before, just healthier choices and smaller amounts.

Definitely post here when you can, you will get tons of support.  Did you go to the VSG board?

Take care
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on 6/3/10 9:10 am - Seattle, WA

I am so sorry you are struggling, but I would like to give you some advice. I had the VSG on March 17th, so I am 2 1/2 months post-op. 

I am not sure why your doctor is giving you that type of advice when you only had your surgery less than a month ago. Sorry, I know all docs are different, but there is no way I was eating anything close to solids back then and especially NOT carbs!
You need protein, either in a powder that you mix or a ready to drink container. You need 80grams of protein a day, in order to feed the body. Which is about four protein drinks a day. In between you should have small amounts of yogurt, cottage cheese, creamy "no chunk" soup. 

You didn't make a mistake, you just need a different approach to your nutrition. My doc had me on that for 8 weeks. Now I am on soft solids, shrimp, tuna, ground meats, chili from week 9-12. 

I am doing fantastic, as of yesterday I have dropped more than 85 pounds. But you have to feed the body, the right stuff. 

You can do this! Big hugs! 

thomasina N.
on 6/6/10 7:26 pm - San Francisco, CA
Congradulations on your weight loss. I had my done on the same day, I have lost 50 pounds so far. I was told to reduce my protein to 50 grams but it is so wonderful to know that wt loss could be more. I needed to read that as a good motivator. I have not loss a lot in three weeks, but I need to step up and throw the ball again.''
Thank you.
I would post my avatar but it won't upload.

Enjoy your new life!
on 6/20/10 9:40 am - Wakefield, MA
Almost4 months out now that totally sucks lost only 48 pounds and killing myself for what little loss i've had...its getting severely frustrating... I'm so depressed...I'm fitting in smaller clothes and everything but its should have been more by now and it isn't...for the first two months I had an open wound and still killed myself for every pound i've had.... Is anyone else having these issues...slightly depressed and angry
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