Leg Pain

Danielle M.
on 6/7/10 5:53 pm - Vilseck, Germany
I am getting muscle-y leg pain (not a Charlie horse or bone pain--just like I ran too much) I have not been exercising much--but that doesn't seem to affect it one way or another.  I am now on potassium, magnesium (in my prenatal vit.) and I am getting them less -but still getting them....Did anyone else get these yet and how did you fix them ?

Other than that I feel great!
Erica Wilson
on 6/11/10 1:55 pm - Barberton, OH
I get this once in a while.  I have noticed stretching my calf muscles out during the day by leaning into a wall seems to help.
Erica Wilson
Totally Worth It.

on 6/20/10 9:24 am - Wakefield, MA
I have the same issue...how has your weightloss been...I'm very discoraged...4 months now killin myself walking and gym eating super well and only 48 pounds lost...I know that's better than non but its irritating...I especially have leg pain after I walk...I'm even jogging at 289 pounds I'm jogging making all efforts and like no results
on 7/14/10 5:12 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
RNY on 03/17/10 with
I know your frustration.  I am just about 4 months out and I have lost 58 lbs since surgery (10 lbs before).  People kept telling me that the weight was going to fall off after surgery and I wouldn't be able to keep up with clothes because I will shrink out of them as quickly as I shrunk into them.  But that doesn't seem to be my experience.  I thought it would be quicker than 2 lbs per week, especially this early on.  But I guess I can just keep working at it, and take what I get.  As you said, it is better than nothing.  Just so you know that you aren't alone in this.
Glitter Text Generator
on 7/14/10 5:10 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
RNY on 03/17/10 with
I don't know what kind of leg pain you are talking about.  I haven't gotten any calf leg pain or cramps, but I occasionally get a "tightening" or achey feeling in my whole leg that runs right from the thigh to the foot.  It is hard to explain and has only happened a couple of times.  Usually it just resolves on its own.  

I know that potassium is supposed to be good for muscle cramps, and milk is supposed to help too.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Glitter Text Generator
on 8/31/10 12:53 am - Wakefield, MA
I get leg pain now all the time 6 months out and it sucks I get Charlie horses more now...but feel like sometimes when I'm walking like my hip just the right one pops out of the socket ill be fine walking along and then almost collapse and I have to walk funny now...not sure if its from the weightloss... Like my body not able to keep up now...6 months out and down 74lbs... Have to walk using mostly the bottom of my legs not full legs I knwo sounds funny but its what I have to do
on 2/12/11 11:37 pm
I have leg pains in both my legs and it gets worse with exercise. It has been 1 1/2 since my surgery.  I also have insomnia..do you?
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