How's everyone doing?

Justine L.
on 8/5/10 3:34 am - Little Suamico, WI

How's everyone doing?  This board is slow!  I'm just over 5 months out from RNY and down 110, I'm at 209 and cant wait to lose those extra 10 lbs and be under 200!  For the 1st time probably since middle school.  I'm enjoying life again, I'm biking daily with my husband, love being outdoors and am super tan this summer from being out so much!

Keep in touch everyone!

on 8/5/10 5:09 pm - United Arab Emirates
Hi - I'm doing great. 

Almost 5 months out in a few days time after VSG and I'm down 82lbs to 217lbs and should reach less than 200lbs by my 7 month weigh in (fingers crossed).  Averaging 9-11lbs loss per month.  My goal is 150-155lbs so I should reach this in the next 12 months - as I know things will slow down.

Doing lots of exercise - squash, C25k, RPM classes, Pilates Reformer classes and the gym - who would have thought I would enjoy exercising so much.

This is lighter than I've ever been with my husband - wearing UK size 16 clothes (US size 14) and really working my sleeve. 

Off to the UK later this month so am sure my family and friends will be really surprised at my different size.

Take Care all of you LOSERS !

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on 8/6/10 2:00 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
RNY on 03/17/10 with
Things are good for me as well.  I had my surgery March 17 and have lost a total of 76 lbs so far (that includes the 10 lost while on the liquid diet).  I have 54 lbs to go before I reach my goal of 130.  My mini goal was to be under 200 before I reached my 40th birthday.  Well I definitely achieved that.  My birthday was last week and I weighed 185 lbs!  My weight loss is a little slow, but steady...around 2 lbs per week, but sometimes up to 3 if I'm being really super good (which I try to do all the time). 

I have been tracking my food on daily plate.  I didn't for the past week because I was on vacation and not near a computer.  I also ate a few no-no things due to my bday and vacation.  But I only had those few little things and then back on track.  I actually feel good that I can have an occassional treat and then be able to stop!

I weigh myself daily.  I know some people say that you shouldn't...and I do get depressed a bit when I dont' see the weight going down after a few days.  But I feel it helps to keep me on track.  If the weight were to go up, I could evaluate what I have been eating and see if there is anything I can change.  So I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing.

I have been so much more comfortable this summer.  I generally love the heat, even though I was usually uncomfortable and sweaty much of the time.  But this summer has been awesome.  I can be outside and in the heat more than before, my a/c is turned down in the house because I'm not as hot as before.  The only bad thing is that I haven't been able to take care of my garden this year and it is so overgrown and yucky!  I find that as soon as I start bending over and digging out weeds and stuff that I get super light headed and feel kind of sick.  So while I have tried to do it a couple of times, I've had to quit.  I also have to be careful when bending or crouching and then getting back up.  My blood pressure is lower than it has ever been, but not below normal low.  It runs about 110 / 70 give or take.  So that is okay.  so not sure about the light headedness, but if that is the only thing I have to worry about, then I'm good with that!
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Danielle M.
on 8/22/10 6:00 pm - Vilseck, Germany
I got my RNY on March 23rd. I am doing well--down 80lbs--Things are slowing down considerably , but I still need to get in all my protein and exercise--when they all come together in a week I usually drop 3-5 lbs at once--I haven't had any problems physically--other than the puking that goes with eating too fast, too much, or wrong food, but that has almost stopped since I have learned my limits better.  Life has gotten a lot easier for me--walking is a snap--though my head still hasn't caught up with the idea that I am in better shape and I will have the moment of "I can't do that" before I tell myself "You weigh 80 lbs less--yes you can!"  I am wearing size large tops (my top always gets smaller first) and size 18-20 bottoms.  I still have 70ish more lbs to lose.  I am hoping to be under 200 by the end of Sept--just 10-12 more lbs to go.

Keep on truckin'!
on 8/26/10 3:19 am, edited 8/26/10 3:23 am - Springfield, VA
Had RNY on March 3rd. Still losing slowly but surely. For exercise, have been walking exclusively but received the go ahead to start light weight training. Now I want to find a good personal trainer. Only vitamin deficiency so far was Vitamin D but have added a supplement to address that. Diabetes and hypertension much better...still on meds for both but greatly reduced.
on 8/31/10 12:36 am - Wakefield, MA
Hey I'm out about 6 months now I'm down 74 pounds...110 total since calling my doctor and asking for help...I'm depressed a lot but lifes situations suck...especially with this economy I'm trying my hardest and since can't turn to food with stress was exercising but sometimes can't get out have started smoking again after 1 solid year BUTT FREE...which is more upsetting to me..I mostly follow my diet and with kids home find it hard to exercise especially since now everyone has to keep up with me instead of waiting..that an its hot..can't wait for school...I'm into a size 24 now normal 24 before surgery I couldn't get into my 32's so very happy was able to go to mall and pick up a couple of pairs of pants that actually fit without being sweatpants yeah!! Well good luck everyone and I think checkin in with yall keeps me on track and feel free to write for my email....people who understand what I'm actually going through helps
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