March 2010 Surgery Peeps - how's everything?

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on 10/11/10 1:10 pm

How much weight have you lost?

How much can you eat?

Do you exercise, and if so, what activity/activities do you engage in?

Did life change for you?

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on 10/11/10 5:45 pm
To answer my own questions....

I am exactly 7 months post op, and I am down 78 pounds exactly...with 58 left to lose. 

I can eat on average, about 4.5 to 5 oz of food.  If it's a real slider of a food, I can eat around 7 oz.  But that is rare...

I run regularly...around 2 miles or so 4 to 5 times a week.  I do the elliptical and stationary bike for 30 minutes 4 times a week.  And I do one Zumba class every Wednesday.

Life has changed for me.  I lost friends, I gained friends.  I found new habits, some good, like running again.  Some bad, like shopping too much.  I look at myself and stare in the mirror, because i do not recognize the person I see.  I feel beautiful and awkward at the same time.  I love dressing up and looking nice, but feel uncomfortable with the attention I get from the opposite sex.
on 10/12/10 6:19 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
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I had my surgery on March 17 so I am a week away from being 7 months post-op.

So far I have lost 93 lbs (including the 10 I lost on my pre-op liquid diet)  I have 37 lbs to go to reach my goal.  I am hoping to do that before my one year anniversary.  My weight loss has slowed down a bit now and I have been in a bit of a stall for the last month, although I haven't been eating exactly as I should all the time.

I don't really exercise.  I was trying to get to the gym 3 times a week to do the elliptical and weights but I can't seem to find the time.  I was also walking almost nightly with my hubby, but he started doing side jobs these past couple of months and so our walking has been whittled down to about once a week.  And now that it is getting darker earlier, I can't even go out myself if he is working.  I do want to improve this though.

I am not sure exactly how much I can eat.  I was tracking my food faithfully and then got lazy with it.  It all depends on what I am eating.  If I have soup I can usually eat a 1 - 1.5 cups of it if it is a bit thicker.  Sometimes even more if it is a thin liquidy broth.  If I am eating meat, I can probably eat about 3 ozs now, although I am going to start weighing again just to see.  I always eat my meat first so even though I might measure out veggies or starch, I don't always eat it all if I am full from the meat.  I know that I am eating faster now and I really have to slow down because sometimes I end up feeling really full and think I could have done with 1 or 2 fewer bites and I might have known that if I had been eating slower. 

I think I got lazy toward the end of summer and the fact that hubby is working so much now.  So I feel like I have to kick it back into high gear.  Just not completely sure about how to do that.  I have also had some snack foods at night on the weekends when we are watching movies (popcorn, chips).  Not a lot, but enough that I feel guilty about it.

Life totally changed for me though.  I feel so good almost all the time now (except for PMS week).  I never run out of breath, I feel happier especially when I am out in public, I am proud of who I am again...I lost that for a bit.  I feel like I am back to being a "normal member of society" and not someone that people judge or dislike just because of the way I look. 

I had a pretty good surgery and recovery, no problems or complications so I've been lucky.  And I would do it all over again and again if I had to because I am so happy with the results so far!
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on 10/12/10 12:17 pm
As I read your post, I felt so green with envy.  93 pounds is such an accomplishment.  Congrats. 

It's true about feeling normal in the world now.  I feel the same way.  I don't feel awkward in restaurants, walking down the street or at the gym.
on 1/30/11 1:10 am

I had my surgery on 3/3 and just under goal at 132, down 112.  Working on maintenance, I've been at roughly the same weight for 4 weeks, between 130 and 133.   

Can eat about a cup of food at a time.  I eat pretty much anything without issues.
I choose not to eat things like bread (fills me up too fast) - that alone has been a huge help in my weight loss.  I naturally am not a snacker or sweet eater to a restictive surgery was my best choice.  I eat 3 meals a day with 1 snack of yogurt.  

I work out about 3 times a week, running and eliptical, weight training and yoga.

Life has completely changed.  I am much happier, dating, more confident.  Couldn't be happier with my choice to have WLS. 
Vertical Banded Gastroplasty 3/3/10
High/Day of Surgery/Goal/Current: 244 / 238 / 128 / 130
33 years old, 5'4" Tall      
Plastics by Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey 8/30/2011: Extended TT, BL/BA

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on 1/30/11 9:27 am
Congrats on being practically at goal.  I am a sweet eater; you should be happy that was never a problem for you. 

It's true, life changes completely.  How people relate to me and how I relate to people is so very different.
on 2/21/11 4:39 pm - Cleveland, OH
 I am having major insomnia and decided to log on to OH and your post made me smile.  I am coming up on my 1-year surgiversary.  I cannot believe it.  It's been a wonderful journey of new beginnings and personal learnings.  Truth be told, I still want to lose 11 more lbs.  I admit I've been slacking a bit as of late (not exercising and eating some sugar) but I start up half marathon training again in 2 weeks I will get my act together.

Making the decision to have the sleeve was probably the best decision of my life.  I couldn't be happier.  My life has completely changed--but that is because I wanted to change and I made the positive changes happen for me.  I highly recommend psych counseling with a bariatric specialist ASAP after surgery.  I met with one 2 weeks after surgery and I think it's been the foundation of my success.  I also joined a support group immediately after surgery.

I know I will lose the remaining 11 lbs.  I've come too far (122lbs lost total, 92 lbs. since March 2010 to not succeed and reach my goal.  One day at a time...
          "We live in a society where it's more socially acceptable to be a junkie than it is to be overweight."     --CC Deville, guitarist for Poison    
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on 2/22/11 11:36 am
I agree on getting the mental help along with treating the obesity from a physical standpoint.  Although my new therapist and I don't seem to have the same rapport that my other therapist and I had, I stand by my decision to seek out mental health treatment.  I believe it is helping me just as much as my tool is...
on 2/23/11 5:13 am

How much weight have you lost?
I've lost about 100 pounds since my surgery date, 120 in all.

How much can you eat?
Unfortunately, I seem to eat a lot.  I don't track anything but know I should.

Do you exercise, and if so, what activity/activities do you engage in?
I exercise 5-7 days a week at the gym.  Usually treadmill, stairclimber, or elliptical and then strength training.

Did life change for you?
No life is still the same in every way.  I am still super busy and always struggling to make ends meet.  My weight has never defined who I am, but I feel more active and less tired most of the time.  My WLS was complicated and I almost died so I appreciate life more now and am trying to savor every moment. 

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on 2/23/11 11:11 am
You and I are the same age. 

I am sad to hear that your surgery did not go without complications. 
I see that you don't track what you eat.  Are you concerned about possible regain?  Or do you make good food choices despite not tracking?

It looks like you stay very very busy, and are vigilant about the gym, which is something I really try to vigilantly do. 
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