Searching for Obesity Doctors

on 3/26/13 11:00 am - Lexiington Park, MD


Was wondering if I can get somebody to help me . . . I had WLS completed in Bogota, Colombia by Doctors: Andres Silva & Dr. Valencia in March of 2010 - I would like to contact them to obtain a copy of my medical records for the States. I don't know where they went or if they are still in business.  Their website (affordable is no longer working??  If anybody out there had their WLS completed by these doctors and you have a phone number or better yet an e-mail address to contact them I would appreciate you sharing that information with me.

I paid for RNY stomach by-pass surgery and the doctors in the states are telling me that I did not have that procedure done, I am now having complications and need to contact the doctors in Bogota, Colombia -  Anybody's help is greatly appreciated.

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