Date Set !!!

on 1/16/11 2:47 pm - Encino, CA
Just wanted to see who else is having their surgery done in March in the Los Angeles area. I am set up with Dr. Philippe Quilici. Looking for others too. I am set to do Lap Band, but still debating if I want to switch to Gastric. Hope to talk to others soon. Andrew.
on 1/17/11 5:00 am
I am supposed to have my RNY either in March or April. So that will be cool if we can talk about our WLS together

thanks kelly
on 1/19/11 3:47 pm - CA
I'm set to go March 1, 2011 but I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm doing the Sleeve because the I know haven't been as successful with the band.
Good luck on whatever you choose.

Blessings, Tella
Kristi T.
on 1/21/11 4:05 pm
Revision on 05/22/17 with
I am having my VSG on March 21. Was going with the LapBand but decided on the Sleeve. My surgeon though it was the best choice.

Much success.

on 1/27/11 3:57 pm - Encino, CA
So the date is set...3/24, Doing LB. Have lab/ekg/etc set, nutrition class, meet with quillici, start 1000 cal, 2 week, full liquid diet...lot of stuff to do!
Annie E.
on 2/27/11 2:36 am - Cleveland, OH
Good luck! The first few days of the liquid diet will be tough, but it does get easier by the end of week one.
on 2/28/11 4:15 pm - CA
Im set for VSG on the 24th in Arcadia. Good luck on your surgery.

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