I'm new and I've got a Surgery Date of 3/24!!!!

Katie G.
on 3/22/11 7:35 am - Green Cove Springs
 Hi there! This my very first post and I'm having Gastric Bypass surgery the day after tomorrow!!! EEK!!!! I'm super excited, but super nervous. I'm hungry as all get out from having to rely on liquids to keep me going all day and no end of that in sight. However, the end result will be sooo worth it! 
Does anyone else out there have a surgery date of 3/24. Is any of my March Surgery Buddies keeping track of their progress through youtube? I think I am going to do a VLOG, but I just have to figure out how to upload my video from my new phone. Something to work on I guess. Anyways, I look forward to making some new friends and letting it all air out! :)

on 3/22/11 6:56 pm - HI
Aloha Katie,
My surgery is tommorrow March 23rd.  I think the hunger gets a little better as you get closer.  At least today was better than yesterday and that was better than Sunday.  I keep repeating "hunger is the sign that I am human, it's my body doing what it needs to do to prepare for surgery".

I had thought about a picture a day kind of shrinking thing but then I think that's a bit much.  Maybe a picture a week? 

God Bless,
Mary Elizabeth
Katie G.
on 4/3/11 9:54 am - Green Cove Springs
 Hi Mary Elizabeth! How'd your surgery go? Well I hope. Mine was really good, well as to be expected of course. I like the picture a day idea, but that will be hard to do, a picture a week though would be a great idea. I'm going to start that one my 1-month surgiversary and go from there. Will be easier to do. :)

on 4/3/11 7:23 am - Havelock, NC
Hello Katie! Hope your surgery went well and you are adjusting accordingly. I had my RNY on March 18th, 2011.  I am having a bit of a rough time because I have been trying to get in some protein (because my "nut" said so). It is so hard getting in protein during the first few weeks after surgery. I thought I was going to die when I made a protein drink to drink for breakfast. OMGoodness!! I will not be trying that one for a while. I found that the only protein that my pouch agrees with is the Musle Milk that is already mixed. You will go through many trial and errors trying to see what you can tolerate and what you cannot. Just listen to your body. Glad to have you apart of the OH family. Hope to hear from you soon. Good luck and God Bless!!
Katie G.
on 4/3/11 9:53 am - Green Cove Springs
 Oh my gosh! I totally understand about trying to get enough protein in before the end of they day, not to mention enough water. Eek! So many things to try and squeeze in my little pouch friend, but not kill myself trying to do it is a lot harder than I anticipated! 

I'm glad to hear from you! Talk to you soon! :)
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