Almost 4 years out

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on 3/21/10 10:04 am
Ok gang I am knocking on 4 years out never made goal and am gaining big time what's up how is everyone else out there doing any advice 265 start NOW I want to cry 177 BAD huh I know what's your weight gain or lost??
Check on it!
on 4/8/10 1:39 pm - Pearland, TX
 Hey!  I will be 4 years out this month also.  I JUST made goal last week I think it was?  I swear for a good 2+ years I just fluctuated back and forth and then back in November I gained up to 190 and freaked out. So I TOTALLY went back to the basics and I made it to goal.  Everyone keeps asking what I did.  I've always been great at counting calories but I was eating badly so I changed it up and ate more healthy and often and viola!  I have an email of the things that I do that I've sent to like 20 people I swear.  Some are sticking to it and doing well (non are WLS patients but a diet is a diet).  If you want I can send it to you.  You CAN get there.  You just have to STAY consistent and be totally diligent.  

Congratulations at making it to 4 years and not have gaining it ALL back!

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on 5/2/10 11:07 am - Ashtabula, OH
Me too. I was 341 on surgery day got down to 191 then I have grazed my way back to 238. I think I still have pretty good restriction, I don't drink with my meals and wait an hour after I eat to start drinking, and I still drink a gallon a day of calorie and caffeine free liquids. But I know my grazing is the problem. I'm so full of self loathing it's very depressing.  We were given a tool and if we use it properly it will do what it is meant to do. So... I'm sorry I don't have any good advice for you, but I totally understand how you're feeling...  Love, Jenn
Jennifer Nice
on 10/9/10 7:37 am - Pueblo, CO
I understand, I started at 414, got to 260, and now I'm up to 298. I joined TOPS last week, and started belly dance this week. I have to lose the weight, or my surgery will have been for NOTHING 

I'm thinking about going on the HCG diet in a few weeks.
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