on 5/5/09 1:52 pm - Scottdale, PA

Wondering what your starting weigh and current. Im curious how you feel about surgery outcomes. I started 379 now weigh 236. Im a lil disappointed I dont weigh 2oo now but.. Im bumping exercise up.

You have to be in it to win it!

on 5/7/09 6:18 am - Tucson, AZ
I started at 291 and am now 164.  I was hoping to be at goal right now, but maybe some day.  The weight loss has really slowed down alot.  I made a commitment Sunday to execise 4 days a week NO MATTER WHAT.  I think I'm going to start looking into plastics.  God, I hate this muffin top.


on 5/13/09 1:06 pm - Canada
I started out at 267.5 and am now 154.  I am pretty happy with the outcomes...my doctor told me at my 1 year that I should be content with 154...and not lose anymore as I would look too skinny...imagine TOO SKINNY!  Who'd have thunk it!

Don't be discouraged...you're doing great an bumping up the exercise will probably do it! 

Good luck!

on 5/18/09 6:07 am - Meredith, NH
I started at 280, I now weigh 140lbs and I'm still losing. My surgeons goal was 164.  I am starting to work on staying where I am.  I had my first plastics done last week (arms).
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