6 months wow

on 10/16/10 2:07 pm - CA

So I am 6 months out sure doesn't feel like it already, I must say I never though i would be eating bad things already but I am trying to get back on track it is sure easy to eat guilty pleasure when you are still loosing weight. I am getting close to goal but still dropping rapidly kinda scarred to go to low. Got a call from my Insurance they wanted to tell me i was no longer considered obese that was exciting. But I got another call from my surgeon's office trying to get me to come in for after care and my reg doc is doing my blood work and such so telling them i though their service were pointless waist of my money was kinda fun .. even when he told me the Dr. needs to see my incisions that he likes to see them at 2 weeks 3 months and 6 months I told them he didn't care to see them he just wanted the $45 copay and he was a fat waist of a 45 min drive because least time he didn't look at my stomach at all the the guys was kinda dumb founded.. but i wish i had a Dr. who could answer questions i asked instead of just sending me to Simone else so its super frustrating. but all in all i guess I'm just lucky i seem to be doing well at this time and I'm going to get my blood work next week but over 120 lbs lost!! so congrats everyone for making it though the first 6 month of all this crazy changes in our life's, and all the Dr. B.S., And chocking down nasty supplements.

HEAR IS TO ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL 6 MONTHS TO COME *lifts up pro-teen water to toast*
Emily F.
on 10/17/10 8:09 am
** toasts back atcha babe!!** Congrats.
on 10/18/10 12:55 am - Collinsville, IL
I totally agree with the aftercare with the surgeon... I haven't seen my surgeon since the recovery room. I saw an associate at one week out for staple removal and for each follow up I have seen a nurse. All they do is ask how i am doing and then schedule the next appointment. I am going back next week for 6 month labs, but after that I think my pcp will do just fine. He asks me more questions and for my resources so that he can get better informed himself. He has genuine interest in treating me and being able to better work with other bariatric patients, whereas I said my surgeon doesn't see patients at follow ups, just his nurses.
As for eating.... I just returned from a week long caribbean cruise, had my first alcohol, and ate a sugar free dessert each night and still lost weight. Back to reality today and still proud of myself for the good choices I did make while away. Indulgence in small amounts is good for you as long as you keep it to a once in a while indulgence.
on 11/1/10 2:52 pm
 I'm sorry to hear about your surgeons. Dr. Rohrer in Great Falls, MT is a wonderful surgeon and person. The hospital has to do some work on living up to his standards though. I am happy everyone is still losing!
on 11/7/10 2:49 pm - Bellevue, WA
Sorry you had a bad experience. My surgeon is the exact opposite. Very concerned about all aspects of my recovery, spends lots of time with me, asks questions and answeres all mine.  He and his partner frequently drop into our support group.
Congratulations on your great wt loss. keep up the good work regardless of the Dr.
on 11/11/10 2:54 am - West Bend, WI
First of all congrats - but this kind of scares me for you.  With the RNY we were all told about the malabsorption issues and possible vitamin deficiency issues.  It is important to have your blood work done and f/u done.  I could see after a year maybe.  It all boils down to each individual's approach I suppose.
on 11/11/10 5:27 am - CA
my reg. doc is doing my blood work now
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