Finally got my surgery date

on 3/16/11 3:13 am - Tulsa, OK
   This morning I found out my surgery date is April 21, 2011 and I am so excited and a little nervous.  It has been a long journey getting to this point, but I know this is the best decision I ever made.  I know that my health issues will get better and I will be able to start enjoying my life again.  The only thing is that, I wish I would have done this years ago.   

    I understand that the changes are always hard, and the road is not always going to be smooth.  But I'm willing to take the journey and hopefully enjoy the changes that will take place.  I'm very thankful and gratiful for a new chance at Life.

on 3/21/11 11:09 pm - NC
Good luck to you. I received my insurance approval yesterday and now I am waiting for my date! Hopefully, we can make this journey together!!!
on 3/23/11 3:28 am - Tulsa, OK

Congraulations to you also!!!  I know that you're so excited to get the good news!  I would love to make this journey with yoiu.  I need some one to support me and to talk with and  understand what I'm going throught.  I'll talk with you later my kid is rushing me to come on and get going.:)

on 3/27/11 9:18 am - Buffalo , NY
Oh how exciting and believe me you probably get that call tomorrow or the next day so be ready! Good luck!
on 3/23/11 3:01 pm
Congrats on your date!  My date is 13 April 2011 and I am nervous also.  I can't wait to start this next chapter of my life!

on 3/24/11 2:40 am - Tulsa, OK
Thank u so much.  Congrulations to u also!  April 13 is almost here.  I've been really, really nervious about doing this, but I know that in the long run I'll be just fine.  Keep me posted on your progress, I want to hear about your surgery.  Good Luck and God's best to you.
Wendy G.
on 3/24/11 3:38 am - IL

Hi Ladies!  I just got my surgery date today.  It is on 4/13/11!  I am super excited and know that the time will fly by fast and it will be here.  I am so ready to go to the hospital and walk out of it on the other side of my life!  One that will be healthier and longer than the one that I am presently in!

I hope everyone does well with their surgeries.  I know we can all do this together.

Wish everyone blessings as they wait for their surgery date!

on 3/24/11 8:54 am
Hi Other April Ladies!

I am also April on the 4th.  I am very nervous!  I hope we can all support each other.

Good luck for your surgerys!

on 3/27/11 9:16 am - Buffalo , NY
Hey Stephanie, my surgery is also 4/4 and just like you I am excited and nervous but I am so grateful is finally here, hope we can keep in touch and keep each other motivated thru this life changing journey!

God bless & hope to catch up with you soon.

on 3/26/11 9:05 am - Tulsa, OK
Congrulations!  You sound so positive and happy, I'm so happy for you.  I've been hearing so many negative things from people who need the surgery, but for some unknown reason are afraid.   I'm ready also to get it over with and start my new healthier life also. 

I pray that your surgery goes very well and speeding recovery.  Let me know how u did  and Good Luck to you and stay movatived.  God's best to you always!


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