Just got my surgery date

on 3/29/11 12:29 am - MA
Finally completed all the pre-op requirements and they scheduled my surgery for April 18th 2011. Just hoping everything goes well with the insurance approval. Getting really nervous now.
on 4/7/11 12:41 pm - Fort Benning, GA
Congrats! don't be nervous.. I am excited for you!! Good luck
on 4/8/11 3:35 am - MA
Thanks, it means alot to me.
on 4/8/11 4:59 pm
I am a 18th also! I too am nervous. Perhaps we can text while we are in the hospital. Glad to have a sleeve sister.
on 4/10/11 2:47 am - MA
Yes, I am glad i have someone to go thru this with. I have a great supoport system but nothing can compare to someone having the surgery on the same day.
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