Surgery Date and TIme

on 4/7/11 12:39 pm - Fort Benning, GA
My surgery is set 4/12/11 @ 6am and I am so excited!
Stephanie K.
on 4/10/11 11:19 pm, edited 4/10/11 11:20 pm - IN
My surgery was last Monday! Good luck! I was so excited to have it done now I can't wait for the next few months to fly by and the pounds to fall off! Keep us updated!
on 4/11/11 12:46 pm - Fort Benning, GA
Congrats Stephanie!!!

I will def keep you all posted on how I am doing
Stephanie K.
on 4/11/11 10:52 pm - IN
Thinking about you! I am sure everything is going great and soon you will be back on your feet and losing all kinds of weight! 
on 4/13/11 2:47 am - Fort Benning, GA
Surgery went fine...just had the best popsicle ever lol and hummie water....could be going home tomorrow, but i am not sure yet
on 4/14/11 10:17 am - San Francisco, CA
  Yes!! It's so good to hear from you! I'm glad everything went well!
My surgery is in 11 days!

Keep us updated!!
yay April!
on 4/14/11 1:00 pm - Fort Benning, GA
Congrats and good luck.. I am home now and my drains come out on Monday so I get some real food really soon!!

Keep me updated on your surgery

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