surgery April 18th

on 4/8/11 4:55 pm
   My surgery date is april 18th. I was frightened when I found out I could have it, now its almost here. My biggest fear is of being put to sleep. I have been trying to be approved for over a year. and now that it is here I am excited, yet nervous. Went to my preadmission testing Thursday and after the testing there was a class from 12:30 - 3:00. Four people were there, but I am the only one on the 18th. I have plenty of support, its just that I am 58 and surgery is a risk at my age. I am sure I will be fine and it is probably expected that I am nervous. Just wish I were braver. Good luck to all!
on 4/9/11 2:14 pm - IL
OMG mine is on the same day i wish you luck and a safe & speedy recovery
on 4/10/11 2:41 am - MA
My date is also April 18th.I will be thinking of you two when im being rolled into the OR. LoL Good luck to us!
on 4/23/11 1:03 pm - LA
Mine was also on the 18th!  How are you doing?
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