Surgery this Wednesday the 27th!

on 4/25/11 12:25 am - Linden, MI
I was originally set for the 28th.  Got a call from my surgeons office on Friday, asking if they could bump me up to the 27th.  I have a feeling that today and tomorrow are going to drag by.  I'm so nervous....therefore I am starving!  YES, I am a stress-eater.  Don't worry....I'm already in therapy for this.  Just doesn't stop the cravings right now.

I'm also quite emotional.  I'm sure this is normal....but this will be my first major surgery.

I will gladly accept any words of wisdom and comfort at this time.

Mis Jasso
"Well behaved women rarely make history."
on 4/25/11 10:46 am
Good luck to you! I am scheduled for Friday. At first I was going to be the second case of the day and it was changed to first. This is a revision for me, but I am still nervous and anxious. The idea of surgery is very unsettling for me, and yes that only perpetuates my cravings. How are you doing on the 7day diet? I am struggling especially with Easter being yesterday. Well reply if you can, and again, good luck! Jilly.
on 4/27/11 4:36 pm - Durham, NC
Congratulations on your surgery.  I hope all went well, which I'm sure it did.  I just had my RNY surgery on the 19th; it was also my first surgery.  Everything's going well for the most part, my incisions are sensitive, which is probably normal.  I'm not really hungry, I just have a lot of head hunger.  For the past two days I've been wanting to lick a BBQ potato chip so bad, but good thing it's not in my home.  :-)  Sad, I know.  We will all have some sort of stuggles I'm sure, but this is a great website that will help us to help one another.  Good luck on your new journey.

on 5/23/11 1:48 am - TX
Hey Kiesha. I had my surgery on the 28th. And I DO have BBQ potato chips in my house. But I havent licked one either. ;o) Down 25lbs! Woo-hoo!
on 4/30/11 5:17 pm
Sorry I have not written sooner. I only have my phone. Hard to use. Are you well. Its over your on your way. I thought about you often. I had a hernia repaired also. But I have 5 more small ones. My 1st Dr visit weighin after a week and a half was 25lbs. Probably normal for 1st week. Please let me know how you are so I will not worry. Your sleeve sister Sara
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