VSG 4/28 @ 10am!!

Mandi E.
on 4/25/11 12:05 pm - Kissimmee, FL
I'm getting my sleeve this Thursday at 10am! Who's getting a life changer the same day??? 
"I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it!" ~Marilyn Monroe
 HW:422LBs Pre-op:394LBs SW:391.6LBs CW:303LBs GW:190LBs (5'10")
on 4/27/11 4:31 pm - Durham, NC
Congrats on your surgery today.  I wish you the best and a quick recovery. 
on 5/1/11 7:30 am - San Francisco, CA
I hope you're feeling better, I know things are still painful 2 days out, but slow and steady wins the race!
on 5/23/11 1:43 am - TX
I had RNY on the 28th also. Almost 4 weeks! Yay us!
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