Iron Infusion Therapy

Kathryn M.
on 1/26/09 3:05 am - in the Suburbs, MI
HI May Gang,

Well, I didnt have the tt or bl due to really low red and white blood cell levels. The anestesiologist ( sp?) refused becaue he said I would likely need a blood transfusion so I was put on oral iron pills. Puke Gag and everything else. So after feeling sick for over a week I stopped and  now I go in today to a hemotologist for an iv infusion of iron. They said I will be taking this 2 times a week for several weeks....kinda left it up in the air since we have to see how my body reacts. Anyone else have this done? Also, I have to get regular B-12 shots for life- I had just 2 in the past two weeks and I notice a big difference almost immediately but it wears off. 

At least this explains why I feel so tired and run down and why walking a mile really wears me out. Ive also been drinking lots of coffee to help with the tiredness and Im pretty certain my ulcer is outta control cause of it.

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Ruth A.
on 1/28/09 9:12 pm - Letchworth Garden City, UK
Hi Kathryn

sorry to hear re yoru iron.  I've read of others on teh grads board needing this.  I am having the tiredness, but have had my iron checked and it looks ok.  Exhaustion really.  So doc is looking elsewhere to find out what's going on.

Glad to hear the B12 shots work.  They are not available to me, although according to my blood work everything is fine. 

Gotta watch that ulcer.....

Heather Stroh-Murillo
on 2/8/09 1:31 am - california city, CA
Hi! I've had to have the iron transfusion as recent as dec, they have really seemed to help. Good luck!


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on 4/30/09 9:02 pm - NY
((((((((((heather))))))))))))) you rock my socks .... how are you honey?
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Amy W.
on 5/9/09 11:47 pm - Jackson, NJ
I think I am just starting to have trouble with the iron issue. A few weeks ago, I had my period for over two weeks straight...ugh!! But had blood work done and everything was low, RBC's Hemoglobin and hematocrit. My iron was low last year as well. I have my follow up with my gastric bypass surgeon this week, we will see what he says. I did get a prescription for iron therapy replacement last year, maybe I need that again. I am very tired and have trouble walking far distances as well, perhaps it was my iron levels.....I just attribute everything to stress. I am now curious to see what the surgeon says.
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