Friday Weekly Weigh In

Ruth A.
on 5/14/09 4:39 pm - Letchworth Garden City, UK
Hi All

how has yoru week been?  Mine has been frantic as usual - I was very stressed at the start of the week, but although the issues/work load is still there I'm dealing with it all better so am enjoying life again.  It's amazing how attitude can affect the whole body isn't it.

Anyway, here are my numbers for this week:

Last week:175
This week: 173
Mini goal:167

YAY...I'm really pleased.  I do miss those early days when it felt like it dropped off, even though I was a slow loser compared to others, but at this stage, 2lb is good for me and takes me closer to my mini goal.

Does anyone still do the chain thing?  Remember we had a chain gang thing going on at one time - I can't remember who started it, but I still have my paperclips hanging up in my dining room.  One chain for all the pounds I've lost and one for the pounds I still want to lose.  When I', feeling fat or like I haven't lost weight, I look at the long chain of all the pounds I've alreayd lost and feel better about my acheivement.

Have a great week, and remember (note to self as well!!), no matter what the cir****tances, you can ALWAYS feel good about yourself.  Be proud

hugs, Ruth
Katherine A.
on 5/19/09 5:05 am - Klein, TX
pretty hectic, we have had two close family friends die separately in car accidents. so it has been a terrible two weeks. and we have ate way too much funeral food. brownies and lunch meats and stuff.  I had an obstruction yesterday, felt terrible until I was able to gag it back up. yes, three years out, i am still having trouble wolfing down food and not chewing properly.

scales.. let me go check:
159..oopps, let me to pee, 158, this is better. HEEHEE

Kat     Blog   [Photographer & Mom of 5 275/143/202

[[ Some people are like slinkies, they don't really have a purpose,
but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs.]]

Ruth A.
on 5/19/09 5:14 am - Letchworth Garden City, UK
Oh Kat, what a horrible time for you.  I'm sure eating right is the last thing on your mind right now, but remember to take care of yourself.

Did you do the lean on the scales too?  If I lean to the left I lose a pound!!!! heehee
Katherine A.
on 5/31/09 1:44 pm - Klein, TX
so friday, I was driving cross country, superstitious about things coming in threes. and I get a call from one of my good clients and she lets me know that the father of one of my little clients (age 3) has passed away the night before from a horrific motorcycle accident. which is horrible. i breath a sigh of relief and drive 1500 miles in a week.  I ate horribly. I gained weight. I am now a whooping 20 lbs over my lowest weight since surgery and I feel wretched.  so starting tomorrow. I am seriously going to get seriously with the program. SERIOUSLY.
all other aspects of my life are the same. stress level: 10, carb level:10, energy level: 1
now I need to go take that nap.

Kat     Blog   [Photographer & Mom of 5 275/143/202

[[ Some people are like slinkies, they don't really have a purpose,
but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs.]]

Mandy M.
on 6/16/09 11:26 pm - Swainsboro, GA
Do I have tooo????
Start Weight  332
Lowest Weight 189
Current Weight 211   YIKES

I actually stayed at 194 for over a year.  I had creeped up to 202 at my doctors appointment in early May when we confirmed my pregnancy.  I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. I have gained 8 pounds in a month!!!! Truly showing my food addict tendancies. I have been using food as a coping mechanism.  BUT I AM TAKING CONTROL!!!!!  I have updated my FitDay. I have set a minigoal of 199 for August 3rd ( my birthday and day before school/work starts back).  I'm back to counting carbs and protein.

332/ 228/Expecting Baby #1

Mandy =)

Ruth A.
on 6/17/09 3:41 am - Letchworth Garden City, UK
***hugs***  Mandy

I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, I know you were so excited about being pregnant.

Our food addict tendancies are with us for life aren't they.  I was one of those who thought once I'd had wls all those difficulties would be solved!  How wrong could I be??  It's step by step journey that we are on.  You've made the right decision in addressing your weight gain now rather than later, and have looked at why you have gained weight and been honest with yourself.  I'm sure you will do great just as you have before, now that you are focussed back.

Please keep in touch and let us know if we can help in any way.  I usually post on the Back On Track Together forum now as there aren't many people left on here...  Look forward to seeing you again soon

on 10/11/12 11:31 pm - Port Clinton, OH
Would like to see under 200pounds!!! Im 

a bad loser!!


on 6/20/09 8:50 am - Port Clinton, OH

 I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarraige!!! I'm slow at the boards and I see Ruth is starting back up weigh in Fridays,but not many joining in!!

I am like you,I have gained 28 pounds in 3 years,never even GOT close to my goal!!! I never wanted to go over 200 again! But here I am again 10 pounds away......I worry too much about my weight,so I think I am just going to forget it for awhile!!!
Good luck with yours!!



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