Almost four and a half years out, I got myself back in CONTROL :)

on 9/22/10 11:52 am - 'boro, TN
Well, this is board is certainly slow these days, I hope all of you are well. I know I have shared my experience with gaining weight due to my pregnancy, and then gaining for lack of any good reason.. but I had gotten back up to 173 pounds six months ago!! UGH!!!

At that point I started calling around and asking questions about a revision *yikes* I ended up snapping my self out of old habits like snacking, diet soda ( yes, even diet soda is BAD for us ) and over stretching my pouch everytime I ate! I am now back down to 136 pounds :) We can get control back after regaining, it's difficult at first but it's gets easier!

Take Care Everyone, Stay Healthy!
Ruth A.
on 1/8/11 1:19 am - Letchworth Garden City, UK
Hi Jacqueline

Your post was exactly what I needed to read today.  I've gained back around 35 pounds after never reaching my goal and have looked into revision for a while too.  But then decided yesterday to try and get myself back on track and losing again, so this weekend I'm on a detox/cleansing type thing and am back on liquids for a few days.

Great to hear it is possible to lose again and regain control, thank you...
on 10/12/11 10:55 pm - Alexandria, LA
Hey Jacqueline!

That's awesome that you got on trac,k!  How long did it take you to do this? 

Great job!

Kate -True Brit
on 2/5/11 5:00 pm - UK

Hi Ruth from the UK! Not many of us around - and i have only just after 5 years on OH discovered this board!

A group of us (mainly bandsters simply because that is how we started, but we now have an RnY as well!) meet up in London a couple of times a year. Interested? We all come up by train from different directions and have tea in Selfridges!  Really good to chat to people! If you want me to tell you the next time (prob March/April), PM me your e mail address!


Highest 290, Banded - 248   Lowest 139 (too thin!). Comfort zone 155-165.

Happily banded since May 2006.  Regain of 28lbs 2013-14.  ALL GONE!

But some has returned! Up to 175, argh! Off we go again,


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