Awesome blog with recipes for WLS people!!!

on 4/26/09 1:37 pm - Downey, CA
Someone in one of the other boards I visit (the lightweights) told me about this blog.  The gal who runs it has literally hundreds of recipes that she has made WLS friendly.  She had RnY a few years ago.  The ice creams...yes ice creams...are sugar free and protein packed.  I figured us newbies could really benefit from her recipes and wanted to share.  Check it out!
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on 4/26/09 3:06 pm - san jose, CA
cool  thanks!
on 4/27/09 1:24 pm - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
I have her blog book marked, she has some wonderful things on there. My hubby was impressed with her blog and he bookmarked it too.

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