OMG!!! Surgery Date Changed

on 5/1/09 12:23 am - baltimore, MD

I just got a call saying that my surgery is being changed to May 12!!!!!!!!!

on 5/1/09 1:53 am
OoOOO my goodness gracious that is way cool. I am waiting for my bump up call.
Nichole05/29/09 Open RNY Surgery!!! On My WLS Journey!! 
Currently --115lbs as of 11/18/2009!!
on 5/1/09 11:14 am - Charlotte, NC
Congrats on your new surgery date

40 lbs lost pre-op


on 5/8/09 12:16 pm - San Diego, CA

Mine just changed, too!  May 19th.  They called and said, can you start liquids tomorrow, I said, yes (am I crazy?) and here I am, day one of liquids.  It actually means that I will only do this liquid diet for a week and a half instead of 2 weeks but right now it's no consolation! Luckily my mom was able to get an earlier flight.  I have two little ones and my husband works full time.  She had the surgery 6 years ago (RNY) and she's a nurse, to boot, so I am very lucky!  I hope and pray that I am one of the ones that doesn't get hungry after surgery.  That's all I really want, to not be SO hungry all of the time.  I'm a vegetarian, and I actually choose really well, but the portion kills me because I'm always so hungry.  I did really well on the phentermine (sp?) because it controlled my hunger but as soon as I went off of it, blam! Back up, higher than before! 

Anyway Good Luck!



on 5/10/09 11:21 pm - baltimore, MD
Dana.....that's is great news!!! I know how excited you are.
on 5/11/09 5:45 am - San Diego, CA
Thanks!  I will be thinking of you tomorrow!  The best of everything to you!  Let us know!



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