First Day ON Liquid Diet

on 5/5/09 3:42 am
Hello. Today is my first day on the pre-op diet and I am very hungry. My menu is shakes for br, lu, and dn with two snacks sf jello or sf pudding. Do you think I should add a crean soup at lunch to curve the hunger or what should I do? If anyone have any suggestions please let me know.
on 5/5/09 4:30 am - Charlotte, NC

I know I have some additional things on my liquid diet I can add if I get hungry.  Did you NUT give you a specific plan?  I would be glad to share mine with you but I think the best thing to do is call your Surgeons office and verify what else you can have if your hungry.

Good Luck, I start my 2 week liquid diet next Monday.

40 lbs lost pre-op


on 5/5/09 10:57 am - South Jersey Shore, NJ
I'm on day 2 and went off the wagon today and ate a small cheeseburger  This is a tough one for me.  I am happy to say i'm back on the liquid wagon...One word of advice.....have an emergency  plan in mind just in case you cave in.  I wish I did.  It would have been healthier and low in fat  for sure.  If your feeling weak or have a killer headache like I did, I would add the creamed/strained soup.  Also try to have something every 2 - 3 hours.   Do all you can to avoid going off. 

Good Luck!!

on 5/5/09 12:23 pm - Advance, NC
I am on day 4 and it hasn't been easy but on the other hand I haven't been completely miserable either.  Luckily, I can have baked or grilled fish and chicken if I need to. The first 2 days I didn't have the chicken but yesterday I did give in and have a piece since the dietician talked to me about it at my preop.  It was good!  I also seem to feel satisfied if I have the broth from wonton soup or egg drop soup.  I can also have sugar free instant breakfast and protein shakes.....those have been great for me aas well.

We just have to be strong!  We don't have too much longer now guys!
on 5/6/09 1:21 am - Douglass, KS
I'm on day 4 with my liquid diet and I've had a headache ever since then. I call it my food headache. It's not too bad.
I wonder how long does it take to shrink your liver anyway? I have been looking online and I haven't gotten any answers.
on 5/7/09 12:23 am
I've also had a headache every since I started this liquid diet three days ago.   When will the headaches go away?
on 5/12/09 2:51 am - Victorville, CA
I have heard that it only takes 6 days to shrink your liver, though I could be wrong.
Kelly S.
on 5/8/09 5:05 am
Well, I have to say I have six days left of my liquid diet and I have had a headache, been dizzy, and for the most part not felt 100%.  Although I really haven't been hungry since the third day, I did cave in yesterday and have some lobster stew.  I figured the lobster was low in fat/calories compared to many proteins and it really hit the spot.  I have had a few saltines in my soup a couple of times, but all in all I have been good. I have lost 11 pounds since Saturday, so I must be doing something right. 

Good luck to you all, it sure is tough.  I keep praying that after surgery I won't be so dizzy and tired, but I have to think it isn't any different....
karen C.
on 5/9/09 3:59 am
I am on day 2 and feel I am dying of hunger. And I am feeling very, very irritable- my husband had a near death experience yesterday after advising me to just "get tough". I actually told him to "shut the *^&* up" which is really out of character for me. My doctor will only let me have raw vegetables in addtion to 5 shakes a day. I tried the veggies but I swear they made me hungrier. A friend who did Opti-fast years ago told me that after 3-4 days the hunger goes away and you feel almost euphoric. I pray to God this is true.
on 5/9/09 4:46 am - San Diego, CA
Too funny!  I'm on day 2, as well... I've heard the same thing about day 3-4.  See you on Day 4!



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