on 9/11/09 1:37 pm
I am so impatient i just want to go to sleep and wake up thin hahaha!
I had my surgery May 19th I am 23 yrs old and was 324lbs
I am now 256lbs :o)
57 more lbs till I am under 200!
I am joining the gym tomorrow and getin my butt up to speed this weight loss up!
I have a work formal christmas party coming up the 1st or 2nd week of dec and i would love to lose at least another 50lbs to look semi awesome in a dress haha.
So i am from now on going to gag down my protine shakes that i havnt been drinking one in the morning and one at night. And eat lots of lean meats and whole grains and fruits and veggies. I have been doing really bad cuz i have been going through alot latley and started old eating habits again....TOCO BELL...........EEEEEK.. BAD GIRL.

I need to get back to my crystal light!
wish me luck all!

how have u all been doing?
what do u eat?

on 9/11/09 3:03 pm - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
Good Luck to you on getting down to where you wanna be!
Taco Bell is the DEVIL.... But there are some days when Pinto's & cheese are a necessary EVIL!

     I  MY RNY 5-5-09    Life is Good
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on 9/11/09 6:27 pm
hahaha yes most deff hahaha

on 9/11/09 5:13 pm - Lakewood, CA
RNY on 07/14/09 with
I am rooting for you girl.  I know you can do this.  We are at about the same weight give or take 2 lbs. 

Hope all is going better for you.  PM me as I don't have a cell phone at the moment to text you.

Love Annette


         HW: 324 -  First Consult: 304 - Surgery Date: 293 - Current: 207 - Goal:  165
on 9/11/09 6:28 pm
thnx u have been a gr8 support through this :o)
thank u

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