7 months...almost 100lbs

on 1/15/10 12:37 am
I cant believe it! in just over 7 months, i am down 96.4lbs! who woud have thought?! i LOVE my band!!! any one else want to share their success??!!

HW=318 SW=312 BW=302 CW=230 GW=190
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on 1/20/10 9:58 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
That is awesome congrats.
I have lost 77lb so far & I can honestly say I LOVE MY RNY and wish I had done it years ago.

     I  MY RNY 5-5-09    Life is Good
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on 1/23/10 10:26 pm, edited 1/23/10 10:27 pm - FL
VSG on 05/20/15
omg! wow! 96 lbs with the band?!?  i got banded may 2009 too...i've been a slow loser lol.  only down 82.  i'm def slacking on getting fills though. i'm a travel nurse and it's really hard to get home sometimes.  i'm going to be religious about it as soon as this contract gets done!  i've been doing the whole low carb/high protein thing and i'm still losing...just slow.  anyways...congrats on your success! you look so happy!
on 1/23/10 11:06 pm
ONLY 82lbs! are you nuts!? thats FANTASTIC! Be proud! you are a success!!!

HW=318 SW=312 BW=302 CW=230 GW=190
heaviest  starting   band       current     goal

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on 1/23/10 11:13 pm - FL
VSG on 05/20/15
ok...that was including pre-op weight lost lol...64 since surgery.
on 1/31/10 4:12 am - Malvern, PA

You ladies are doing great! I just past my 7 month mark on 1/26. I'm down 86 lbs since surgery (RNY) and 149lbs  all together since I started this journey (lost 63lbs prior to surgery). What an AMAZING feeling to be half the person I once was and to live more of the life I ever thought was possible! Can't wait to hit my ultimate goal...only 44lbs to go.

Keep up the good work everyone...


63 lbs lost PRE-OP!

on 2/1/10 11:16 am - Cary, NC
RNY on 05/18/09 with
Down between 100 and 110 depending on my scale and the doc's scale.   Either way I'm happy as a pig in....well you know the rest.  Who would have thought?
on 2/2/10 6:14 am
Well I am just about 9 months out and have not lost anything in 4 months.  I am a bit discouraged and wonder if this is wher I am supposed to be.  I still weigh 200lbs and can't get under that.  I have lost 75lbs since surgery and 15 lbs before.  So is this ok to stop losing????  I need advice anyone?
on 2/3/10 9:50 pm - Dunedin, FL
8 months ouut and I've lost about 110 - I am personally thrilled!  I'm in the biggest stall yet, but I just joined a local gym and hoe that will help me with dropping the last 20-40 lbs that I have left and helping to keep it off, most importantly!

For the most part I follow all of the rules still - we are all human and have a bump in the road here and there, but mostly I'm doing things like I did abotu 6 weeks out. Congrats to everyone! If you are feelign like some of your weightloss is exceotiuonally slow, do yourself a favor - keep a food and exercise log - I didn't realize that I can eat much more only recently, and I never would have seen it without the food log. I actually like the Health Tracker on this website - try it!

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