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tryingtobethin55 me
on 2/6/10 2:06 am
hey everyone...I usually post on the main board, but just found this board.  Its pretty cool : )  well my question much can you eat?  I had RNY on May 26, 09 and it seems like I can eat a pretty decent amount of food.  and my calories per day range from 1000 to 1300.. how is everyone else doing ?  have you noticed that you can eat more food?  has the weight loss slowed?  I started at 355 pre op surgery date and I am now 183... thats a loss of 172.. which im pretty happy about!
on 2/6/10 1:40 pm - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
I can definately eat more now than early out. But Mary Ann (my pouch) has her limits and will let me know when I take one bite too much! lol
I have been a slow loser all along, but it is ok I am getting there.
Depending on the type of food I can eat about a cup at a time give or take. I average about 1200-1400 cal a day.

You have done a great job with you tool, keep up the good work!

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on 2/9/10 11:49 pm
I can eat more, but I still find if I stick with the dense protein first, the portion I can eat is still very small. I have a lot of days when meat, though, just doesn't settle well, no matter whether it's fish, beef, chicken, etc. So, I'm still using Myoplex frequently, which is fine with me.
Kelly S.
on 2/10/10 12:08 am

I can eat more food now, in the beginning it was only like 2 oz. now I can eat about a cup of food.  Sometimes less, except salad I can eat two plates of. My calories are up there, more like 1600/day so I have to exercise almost daily and I have really pretty much stopped losing weight.  But hey, 230 sure beats 360!

You've lost an amazing amount of weight.  Good job!

20 pounds lost during two week pre-op diet.

on 2/10/10 2:16 am - Canada

I too can eat anywhere from 3/4 cup of food to 1 cup...depends on the food!  I try and incorporate all foods (including carbs). My NUT compliments me all the time when she sees that I don't have any food that is "taboo". I don't eat lots of white stuff (bread, rice etc),,but I don't eliminate it completely either!

I found in the past, when I had foods on my "taboo list", it was harder to stick to it. I find if I want a VERY SMALL slice of cake, or a cookie etc...I eat it...but I know having more will make me dump...(ewww).

This is a lifechanging surgery...not a quick fix....

I am extremely happy with my weight has slowed down significantly...which I expected....but I know I will lose more as time goes on. Even if I maintained what I have lost now, I will be happy!

Life is is better!

Brenda in Canada
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Trish C.
on 2/17/10 12:42 am
I still try to stick to a cup of food. If my meal includes bread of any sort, I typically get in less as that fills me up quickly. If the meal includes a salad, I can eat more. I try to stick to protein first, but I also am not a "low carb" eater. I try to stick to whole grains though, and if I am eating a burger or sandwich I use the arnold thins just so I won't fill up to quickly.

My calories are also all over the place, it can vary anywhere from 800 calories to around 1500. I try not to make the 1500 calories days more than once a week.
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on 6/3/10 5:15 am - Modesto, CA
i can eat almost a cup of food, but i still measure my food...i've been very strict about that and it's hard to break a habit ...i'm actually below my goal weight now, and i'm trying to figure out how to add carbs without decreasing protein.  my pouch is still pretty small, and the only thing i can figure to do is add some carb rich snacks...but it needs to be healthy.  i'm looking for ideas here.  i don't want to lose any more weight (right now i weight 1 lb more than i did when i was 16 and i'm 69 now!)...

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