One year anniversary for me

on 5/20/10 4:49 am
Surgery was one year ago today. it has flown by. I am still not to goal weight, though admittedly I haven't been trying very hard lately, but I'm perfectly happy with how I look and would be satisfied if I didn't lose any more weight. My BMI has dropped from 40 to 26 and my clothes size from 22 to 12.  Most of all, my joints feel great.  Just got my lab work back and all is normal.  What a blessing this has been for me.  Absolutely no complications!

SW-272, CW-219, GW-175

on 5/20/10 2:22 pm - Cary, NC
RNY on 05/18/09 with
Keep up the great work.   I too have lost a lot, but I'm not quite where I want to be, but not far off.  I would be just as happy if I don't lose another oz, much less pound.  
on 5/30/10 7:25 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
Congrats sounds like you have done a great job!

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