One year on May 1st!

on 6/1/10 10:19 am - Modesto, CA's my problem/question...i am at (or a couple of lbs below) goal weight...i don't want to lose any more weight...question is, how do i add carbs without decreasing protein???  my stomach (read: pouch) is still very small...i can eat about 5 1/2 - 6 oz at a there's only so much room there.  i need to add carbs...well, i have added some complex carbs in the form of chili, stuff like that...cause there's protein there too.  i also added bagel and cream cheese to my afternoon snack.  is there anything else i can do?  i take in over 60 gm of protein a day, so that's okay...maybe an evening snack of some sort of carb?  any ideas on what that could be?

Start Weight: 220
Goal Weight: 135
Current Weight: 127

on 6/3/10 11:55 am - Canada
First of all, Happy Surgiversary!  Mine was May7th and I'm also a couple pounds below my goal weight.  I have been concerned about losing too much, too and looking sick.  My family and some friends have all said I look great as I am and not lose anymore or I will look sick. 

Anyway, I went for my one year check up and my surgeon and NUT were thrilled with my results!  They said I'm at a very healthy weight.  I asked them what to do if I don't stop losing.  They said to add things like cheese, nuts, protein bars and good carbs in general.  They also said that I could start eating more of other foods such as vegetables and fruit etc at meals because it's not quite as big of a deal if I don't get all my protein in every day as I'm past the stage where I'm at risk for hair loss.  That being said, they didn't say don't worry about it at all, just that a day here and there where I don't hit my protein goal isn't such a big deal.

~Angie ~

on 6/3/10 1:09 pm - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
congrats to both of you on doing so well.

Maybe add a meal during the day will help?
I try to eat 5 small meals a day (more like B~L~S~D~S)
I am still above my goal and working toward getting there.

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