1 week away from submitting my papers

natalie C.
on 6/4/10 5:01 am - Hialeah, FL
    Hi everyone I al most at the end of this very long , 6 month process to meet all the requirements my insurance has. I’ve done 6 consecutive months of Doctor monitored dieting. I’ve gone to the require seminar, done the UGI exam and I’ve been cleared by the psychologist. Next Thursday I go to the nutritionist and then DUNDADA! My paperwork is submitted to my insurance for review and hopefully APPROVAL!!!   My mom was just approved a few weeks ago  for a revision. She did the bypass many years and the staples they used have separated and they have to go in fix it. So hopefully that means that I will be approved as well since I am heavier than her and my surgery costs less.   I found this community doing my usual google research and I’m so happy I did! It’s my new facebook lol   Please feel free to write to me, the support is encouraging and motivating.   Thanks, Natalie
on 6/5/10 10:45 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
congrats to you and good luck on your journey

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