Hi my name is Micahel and I AM a food ADDICT......HEEELP!

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on 7/8/10 6:49 am - Springfield, OR
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Omg *crys*

I dont know what to do any I dont have anybody to help me!

I am an addict.....of all sorts......it USED to be drugs and alch........then when i got clean it was FOOD. I now am a lil over a yr out since my gastric pypass and am struggling soooooooooo bad! I never changed my eating habbits! I am always sick because I eat the wrong foods or i over eat and my body rejects it......or i feel so sick i make myself vomit! I started drinking again too! I keep tryin to stop my addiction......im trying to eat healthy but i fail i fail i fail everyday i fail...........when your an addict your supposed to stay clear of what your addicted toooooooo but when your addiction is food what do u do? I have to eat to live.....but over eating or eating crap is gonna kill me to im just gonna end up gaining my weight back and i caaaaaaaaant do that id rather die! Or ima hurt my pouch  I am scared and upset and I dont know what to do. I am beyond depressed and dont even know why anymore. I have no energy to do anything even my son dosnt interest me! HOW HORRIBLE AND SAD IS THAT! I dont know what to do or where to turn to anymore! I need somone like holding my hand and telling me ok eat this eat that no no dont eat this dont eat that im to weak to do it alone!  I have come soooo far! I cant fail now I just cant! Sorry this is just one huge vent!

on 7/17/10 2:23 pm - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
 I feel your pain! Is there a councelor for your bariatric program?

I am having my own issues and I am going to see a councelor soon. Good Luck!

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Kelly S.
on 8/31/10 2:25 am
I would try and see a counselor or go an anymous meeting for either food, drugs, or alcohol.  Trust me, I should see on too....

20 pounds lost during two week pre-op diet.

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