may 26th RNY

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on 5/4/11 11:37 pm
my surgery is scheduled for may 26th.things are happening very quick.would like to find someone with a similar date so we can talk /compare/vent to each has only taken 1 month from the first time i saw the bariatric specialist until the date of my surgery.
on 5/12/11 1:07 pm - Canada
hey newfie...i live in toronto.. originally from cape breton, having my surgery may 27th @hrrh finch site, my first appt was Feb 14th.  3 + months from first to last..been shopping around for stuff for after surgery.. baby food, cream of wheat....portable mixer(from walmart)  great for on the go  and work.  soups,apple sauce, protein..would love to name is Sheri
on 5/17/11 3:55 am
My RNY is set for 5/31...Looking to chat with newbies too... So not looking forward to the Optifast pre-op diet...:/
on 5/22/11 9:08 am - NY
My RNY is also the 26th!! I am on the liquid diet pre op and it is not so much fun.  How about you.  Thursday will be here before you know it for both of us. Let me know how you are doing. 
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on 5/22/11 1:18 pm
i cant wait for the liquid pre op diet to be gettting nervous and excited at the same time.i am also starting to second guess myselfmy mother in law is trying to convince me not to have the surgery.she thinks that if i can loose some weight on the preop diet then i should just stay on that and not have to talk to you again
on 5/22/11 11:23 pm - NY
I am in exactly the same place as you. Sometimes I want to chicken out but ultimately I know it is for the best.  This liquid only is killing me I am so hungary!!  I am staying away from any negativity this week as it will only add to the worries.  Keep positive and keep in touch
on 5/25/11 1:31 am - NY
Well newfie99999 are you ready? I cant believe that it is almost here.  I am very nervous but I just keep reading on this to give me hope.  The prep phase has not been mich fun but I cant wait to start loosing. Just want to let you know i AM THINKING OG YOU.
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on 5/25/11 1:48 am
 thank getting nervous.i hate the preop diet i am soooo glad im on the last day.
how are you surgery is sched for 1045.i will be thinking of you to you soon see you on the loser bench 
on 5/25/11 1:57 am - NY
Me too on the pre op. Glad that part is ending. My surgery is early I have to be at the hospital at 6AM. I live about 45 min from the hospital so I will have an early morning. That is good I do not imagine I will get much sleep. I am scheduled to be discharged Sat. What abot you. I will be waiting to hear how you do.  Good luck
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on 5/29/11 4:13 am
 i am home now.there were no real complications from took alittle longer than expected.i am really sore how about trying to get my liquids down but its hard.rigth now im drinking a little consumme .talk to you soon
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