May 2nd

on 5/5/11 9:49 am - PA
RNY. Doing ok. How long does the bloating last???
on 5/7/11 7:20 am - WA
Hi Neit, I had surg. on 5-3 and still have a lot of stomach bloating. I don't really have an appetite either. How are you feeling. I feel tired still
on 5/8/11 8:42 am
The bloating lasted a little over three days for me.  I had my surgery on May 2nd as well and as of today, I won't say its 100% gone but I feel comfortable saying its about 95% gone.  The more walking, movement I did, the better it became.  
on 5/9/11 7:04 am - PA
Thanks folks !. Yes the bloating passed by Thursday. A little tired on Friday but went to a party on Saturday and even danced for one song. Went to the ymca Sunday and managed 1.6 miles ( at an easy pace). Was pretty tired Sunday nite !!, All in all very glad I have done this. Need to work on my sipping...I think I'm drinking a bit quickly. Amazed that I'm already off Diabetes meds and will be off blood presuure in a week or so.
on 6/6/11 12:02 am - Warwick, RI
I also had my surgery on May 2, I look forward to hopefully sharing our journy with some of you.
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