May 25th makes a new ME with VSG!

on 5/5/11 5:23 am - LA
Hi everyone! I will be sleeved on May 25th. I am extremely excited and can't wait to see my progress. I'm hoping and praying that everyone has a safe and uneventful surgery! Can't wait to see you all on the LOSER'S BENCH!! But don't save me too much room because soon, I won't need it!
Mr Mom
on 5/5/11 6:33 am
That's really great news! I can tell you are very excited and you should be. Thank you for posting and please keep that positive attitude, it's inspirational! ...Craig

Heaviest:406 | Surgical Weight:366 | Current Weight:290 | Goal Weight:250

on 5/9/11 2:24 am - LA
Thanks Mr. Mom! Right now, it's ALL positive! Now, when I'm stuck on that liquid diet.... I may not be so sunny! LOL But, I'll look to my OH friends to pull me through!
on 5/8/11 4:03 pm - Louisville, KY
Congrats, I'm scheduled for the 10th.. I wish I felt as positive as you.. I have too many negative people around me that I came to this group to find people like you to help lift my sprits I thank you..  Can't wait to see your progress..  Take care
on 5/9/11 2:36 am - LA
Hi there! Congrats on the surgery date...TOMORROW STARTS A BRAND NEW YOU! I've learned NOT to let negative people and their thoughts turn me from doing what I NEED to do. They don't live in my shoes. They don't know my struggles. The private cries I had at night. The looks and taunts that I still hear. I pretend it doesn't bother me, but deep down, it hurts. People who have NEVER had problems with weight and being gawked at because of weight will NEVER understand. And truthfully, THEY wouldn't want to be our size!! So why are they acting up when WE decide to do something about it!! Sometimes, people truly make me sick sometimes..... LOL Sorry, I didn't mean to vent like that. But I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from....

Please, go into this day with a positive attitude. YOU have to live with this decision, no one else. When all else fails, THAT'S all that matters, what YOU want and need to do for you! I will keep you in prayer, and I'm hoping that you have an uneventful surgery and recovery! Please keep us posted! Gonna add you as a friend! Lap Band or VSG, we all have a common goal.... A slimmer, trimmer, and healthier US!!
....just your classic story of an overweight beauty who's looking for a change!!         
Faith H.
on 5/9/11 5:44 am - WV
HI, I"m scheduled to be sleeved on May 23rd. Keep me in your prayers. I love your positive energy!
on 5/9/11 6:08 am, edited 5/9/11 6:08 am - LA
Aww thanks! I will do! You do the same for me! And as far as the positivity, well.... I've got too much to lose (pun intended) to NOT think positively! It's the only way to go! Now, I'm hoping to REMAIN in this frame of mine AFTER surgery and I can't eat! LOL We shall see!
on 5/17/11 9:52 am - Haymarket, VA
my name is Rachael and my surgery is also on May 25. I am having the realize band and I am starting the liquid diet tomorrow.. feeling buyers remorse already.. but this is been two years in the works.. I just feel lost somehow... how do you feel?

on 5/19/11 12:45 am - LA
Hi Rachael! I wish you the best on our surgery date! Do I feel lost??? Honestly, right now, I don't know how to feel. I'm happy and excited, but I'm also scared out of my mind!!!! But I'm determined to do this. We will be successful! WE will succeed! No remorse here. I'm loving my sleeve and I don't even have it yet! (I'm hoping this attitude will last! LOL)
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