May 10th,

on 5/8/11 4:01 pm - Louisville, KY
I started my Pre Op Diet last tuesday and I must be doing something wrong because I'm still always hungry.. Very nervous about the surgery but so excited about a new change for me!
Bruce S.
on 5/9/11 12:58 am - Portland, TN
I have surgery tomorrow also.  today makes day 15 of a preop diet and I have to tell you I would kill a room full to get to a cheeto right now.  Don't sweat it.  good luck tomorrow. 
on 5/9/11 1:35 am - Louisville, KY
lol I feel you on that.. I don't tink I ould have mae 15 days and I complaining about 7 days I had to do.. But I'm with you on the Cheeto.. I want food.. Good Luck Tomorrow also.. Keep in touch and we can go through this together.. Any support is good for me.. Take care
on 5/9/11 3:02 am - TX
 I feel the same way as well. I also started last tuesday with the preop diet. Everybody kept saying that it would get better as the days go on. I think it got worse. I felt like I just got hungrier and hungrier.  I sure hope this doesnt mean that Im going to fail after surgery. Lets keep in touch and help each other out. Good luck tomorrow.  My surgery is tomorrow as well. 
on 5/9/11 4:58 am - Louisville, KY
I'm with you 100%.. It has never gotten easier just worse.. I am happy to find someone else who is having it tommrow.. Gives me someone to keep in touch with along our journey.. Good Luck yourself..  Just remember to stay postive WE CAN DO IT!! 
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