May 23rd 2011 for me

Faith H.
on 5/9/11 5:42 am - WV
Hi All,

I"m scheduled for my surgery on May 23rd. Any pointers? 
on 5/9/11 2:19 pm - marysville, WA
we share the same date =)
Faith H.
on 5/9/11 10:14 pm - WV

Are you nervous? I have fought so hard for this and  now that its upon me I"m scared. I mean, I'll go thru with it because its going to save my life and allow me to live a good life again while  helping me fight the addiction to food. I will keep you in my thoughts as we go thru this together..

on 5/10/11 8:21 am - MI
 May 23 is my date, too!!!  I am more excited than scared.  Guess it helps that my older sister and my best friend have both been through this.  Maybe the nerves will hit later on, but I am not nervous at all right now.

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Faith H.
on 5/28/11 11:53 am - WV
How is everyone doing now?
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