May 19th Minneapolis

on 5/10/11 1:26 pm
Just got it all set today....9 days away and very excited!
on 5/12/11 4:42 am - MS
Congratuations.  Mine is set for the same day.  I am so excited too!!! I am having my VGS done in Hammond LA at 9:30 on the 19th..  Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. 
on 5/14/11 2:44 am
Me too!  Which hospital?  I'll be at Methodist.  Good luck!
~ Kim

on 5/16/11 9:21 am
Hi there - I'll be at Fairview Southdale in Edina.

I'm getting excited and nervous - want it to be done - be back home and starting that new phase of life!


Sabrina J.
on 5/16/11 9:13 am - Sacramento, CA
I'm set for the 19th too!

Laproscopic RNY at UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) Med Center.

Good luck everyone!!!

redsnapper - I love your ticker! I'm going to have to copy it! =)
Roliza Bartlett
on 5/26/11 4:52 am
I had my surgery on May 19th too! Very emotional day for me as my Dad passed away in November, and that is his birthday! I ended up staying in the hospital an extra night due to not being able to pee :( I am doing pretty well now. Never took any pain meds in the hospital or now, just Tylenol...but I haven't even taken that for 3 days now. After being on this liquid diet I CANNOT WAIT to eat some chicken!! Good luck to you!
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