May 23rd

on 5/17/11 4:15 am - OR
Anyone doing day surgery?
(deactivated member)
on 5/21/11 9:33 am - Missoula, MT
 Not the same day as you, but one day after!
on 5/22/11 1:33 am - WI
I'm going in tomorrow too!

We'll do great...good luck and see you on the other side

HW: 307.9 SW: 299.5 CW: 167.2 GW: 150

Valerie C.
on 5/22/11 2:20 pm - Northglenn, CO
 Tomorrow is my big day as well!! Good luck to EVERYONE and be safe!!!
Faith H.
on 5/28/11 11:51 am - WV
Had mine on the 23rd. How are you doing?
on 5/28/11 2:03 pm - OR
I am doing pretty good, the gas is the worst thing for me at this point. How are you doing?
Faith H.
on 5/29/11 4:40 am - WV
Can't wait to have the drain removed. I"m great, no pain at this point, the drain is bothersome but other than that, when they remove it on Tuesday I will be back to my old self just with a smaller tummy.
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