5 days of liquids and seriously LOSING IT!!!

Michelle W.
on 5/21/11 2:33 pm - WA
I need some help here people! Im ready to have a serious nervous breakdown! Im 5 days in to my 2 week liquid diet, and I can't take it anymore! Im going out of my mind and about to snap! I keep yelling at my kids and my husband, sobbing at times, and feel like Im losing my mind! The worst part is this- I keep hearing about people whose preop diet is anywhere from 3 days liquids, all the way to NO preop diet. I dont get this! If some dont have to do a diet, why do I have to do 2 WEEKS! I seriously cant stand this anymore!!! How am I supposed to make it another 9 days?!?!?!
on 5/23/11 3:02 am
I almost broke my laptop last night....I was so out line! I am just like you and feel like snaping at everyone that crosses my path. I am at work today and have warned everyone to leave me the hell alone! Someone looked at me like wtf? I said let me take away your cigs for 1 week and lets see how you will feel? They shut up and let me be. I swear I feel like I am making it hard, why can everyone else breeze right through this? Good luck to us on this road we travel together.
on 5/23/11 6:00 am - Virginia Beach, VA
I only have to do the liquid diet for one week thankfully!!

My surgery is tomorrow so today is my last day for pre-op. 
I know it continues for a week after, but that have much more protein involved. 

I am very tires/weak and achy, but my moods have been ok. 
Believe me I am hating every minute of it!!!!

I am curious why there is such a wide variance of requirements for this tho.
I am told I have to do the liquid diet to shrink my liver, but when I look online there is no low protein requirement for the shrink your liver diets....

Its strange....

I'll be thinking of you and pulling for you!!  Just think...the end is in sight!!


First visit with surgeon                            3/17/11
Cleared for surgery                                  4/29/11
Approved by insurance                            5/10/11
Surgery Date                                            5/24/11

on 5/23/11 11:14 am, edited 5/23/11 11:15 am - West, MI
 Is it because you hate the taste of the liquid, or you're just hungry? If your pre op, the doctor wants your liver to get smaller, it makes it an easier procedure.
I wasn't on a pure liquid diet, but the crappy tasting food they gave me, made me switch to a primarily liquid diet on my own. I drank Unjury protein powder with skim milk, and I would have chicken bouillion too, it's the only real thing I had that taster foodie, not sweet.
Just between you and me, I did have some canned tuna mixed with a small amount of fat free mayo. That helped. I confessed to my regular primary doctor, and he said that wouldn't add fat to my liver, and I was safe. LOL 
Karen T.
on 5/23/11 1:37 pm - Canada
I am on my 4th week of opti-fast drinks and I have almost felt like I have just given up to the fact that I have no other choice.  Other than chicken broth and suger-free jello I can't eat anything else.  I also have wicked mood swings but no hunger.  I only have 6 more days to go.  arrrrg!!!
Good luck. 
(deactivated member)
on 5/24/11 1:46 am
i am on day 13 of the 2 week pre-op diet.i have been sleeping lots.i sometimes think they do this so we can get used to what life will be like after surgery.i was like you and thought i would kill someone but i spent alot of time on this site and found others who were going through the same thing.just remember you are not alone we are here for you.
on 6/24/11 7:23 am - Savannah, GA
Thank God I only had to do a liquid diet for 24 hours.
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