So how are we feeling?

on 5/23/11 1:04 am
For those of us post-op, how are you feeling?

on 5/23/11 11:19 am - Houston, TX
Better every day I was really in pain at the beginning for about a week then the pain started to decrease and now it only hurts when I over do it at my bellybutton site. The best part is the weight is coming off at like a pound a day or a pound every few days amazing!!!!!! Hope your feeling better too!
on 5/23/11 11:21 am
im feeling better.  but i can't tell how much weight i have lost.  i really need to kick up my exercise.
Faith H.
on 5/28/11 11:55 am - WV
I woke up thinking what in the heck have I done to myself but each day it gets better. Just waiting to have the drain removed on Tuesday. Its better each day.
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