VSG May 18th 2011

on 5/25/11 4:53 am - Edmonton, Canada
 I had my surgery last week and things are going well.

I live in Canada and have gone through the weight wise program.
I started in the program back in Jan 2010. weighing in at 329.6.
The day before surgery *may 17th 2011* i was 287.7
As of yesterday i am 278.9

i have a great support group here in Edmonton and i found  myself very prepared. I was expecting it to be alot harder than it actually was. my biggest issue in the hospital was i had a reaction to the liquid codine they were giving me.

today is exactly one week since surgery and i have not let it slow me down. I am doing grocery shopping and walking and  window shopping and  going to soccer games and working bingos , going to friends houses, walking with kids to park, helping at the kids school.
the only exception is.. i do need my 2 or 3 hour nap every day.

what im having a hard time with ... is the eating and drinking. I am in no way getting the amount of water i  need or food.  im up around 745-8... i have a 3 hour nap in the day... and im in bed by 10. how do i fit in 2000 of water and 60 g of protein?? and im not allowed shakes...


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