May 17th Roux-en-y Surgery

on 6/11/11 12:39 pm
I had my surgery on May 17 in Evansville, Indiana.  I am wondering if anyone out there is near the same time and how you are handling the eating process.  I think I'm doing great.  I have not had any bad effects, no pain, no hunger either! 

I just wondered how and what everyone is eating at this stage. 

Thanks for any info!

One last thing . . . NO REGRETS!!!!!
on 6/11/11 2:29 pm - nampa, ID
I had surgery as well on the 17th. I feel great I am just not sure what to eat. I eat tuna and canned chicken. what are you doing? how much have you lost?
on 6/12/11 4:24 am
I have been eating scrambled egg, string cheese, ground chicken, ground pork loin, yogurt (Danon light), and cottage cheese.  i only eat about 4 ounces of what I am eating.  They gave me a list of what I can and can't have to eat at each stage of the process.  Did you get a list of approved foods to eat? 

I am at the pureed stage.  Hopefully will take the next step up at my Dr. visit on Wednesday. 

I also purchased a wonderful recipe book for all stages called - Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery.  I got it through Amazon.  It gave me a great variety.  It shows what you can eat at each stage for roux-en-y, lap-band, sleeve, etc.  It's sure worth looking at.  The only thing I miss is "crunchy" food right now!  :o)

I have lost about 30 pounds.  How much have you lost?

Write soon!
kathy L.
on 7/1/11 2:29 am - Fox Lake, IL
Hi i had my surger may 17th and at first i was sick but now i'm feeling a lot better. my doctor told me last week i can eat ... but it's hard to eat and keep it down.  i try to eat what i want but i just can't and scared. i have been dumping almost everyday. but remember to do this chew chew chew...
but everyone is different. make sure u take ur viatims... very important.
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