How r u feeling?

on 6/23/11 8:41 am - NY
Hi May friends...
How is everyone feeling? What are you eating? Would love to hear about your experience!
RNY 5.17.11

on 6/27/11 12:56 pm

I'm doing great!  I have progressed to the soft food diet.  I eat a lot of baked potatoes, diced tomatoes (just because they are fresh), "soft meats" (chicken thighs, canned tuna, canned chichken breast - this is a little more difficult so not much, tilapia, salmon), few green beans, carrots.  What are you eating now?  I also have had oatmeal and cream of wheat.  NOTHING with sugar!  I'm very careful!  I did get to eat dry cheerios too.

My whole experience has been very pleasant.  It was hard at first but I'm now in the routine and doing well.  Hope you've done well too!

BTW - we had surgery the same day!

on 7/5/11 6:40 am
hello you said it was hard at first to get on the routine how did you stay motivated what did you eat for your puree diet ?
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