May VSG'ers updates!!!!

on 8/11/11 9:36 am - VA
I had my surgery May 31st.  Now that i am able to eat real food, i am battling head hunger in the worst way.  i was hoping to be at my goal weight by the end of  the year, but now i am not so sure.  i am losing about 3 pounds a week, but i think i have hit a stall.  i am going to try and bump my liquids up to 84oz and try and hit 100grams for my protein.

i have lost 39lbs so far.  my doctor assures me that this is excellent progress and all the veterans say its a marathon not a sprint.  after years of being over weight and people asking me when my baby is due, i wish the weight would drop off like it was a sprint.

just curious how everyone else is coming along
on 8/12/11 12:34 pm - VA
VSG on 05/18/11 with
 i am down 51lbs feel like i am a slow loser put i am very happy i am still losing ..had a stall about my third week but now losing about 2 lbs a week ...i have  a hard time getting all my water in other then that i feel great...
on 8/12/11 1:12 pm - VA
wow...51lbs!!  i am 97% happy and 3% jealous

congrats on your weight loss

i have been a slave to the scale lately, so i made a vow i would weigh myself again until i am 12wks out...wish me luck..
on 8/14/11 11:56 am - GA
 I dont weigh myself as often as i used to but i had my surgery on the 4th of may and ive lost 68 lbs as of my appointment this past week... im not sure if i have hit a stall because i dont weigh myslef all the time but my doctor says im doing great. i lost more than i thought i would...

congratulations on your weight losts!!!!!!
on 8/14/11 11:00 pm - VA
Thanks and you as well...68lbs is awesome
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